Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Time to Love, not Moan

Recently, a lot of conversation in the Christian community has focused around how it no longer seems that freedom of belief is a human right. To many Christians, the world is becoming a place where what you actually think or believe is not necessarily a choice that belongs to you.

This sort of approach is nothing new, with many people throughout history scoffing at the idea that people who serve God should have the right to do so. 

I can still remember when, in primary school, we were being taught about human rights, and the class was asked to give an example of such a right. When I came up with the answer of religious freedom, I was met with a bewildered look, a quick change in the subject, and the impression that I was wrong. This is one example of a world that really wants to ignore those who choose the believe something that is not mainstream.

With the Equality and Human Rights commision, which has recently advised that all religious obligations should stop at the temple door, and a government that seems confused about what all these funny people who like to go the church on a sunday are doing, you could argue that religious freedom is getting towards its low point. In a world of tolerance, there's seemingly no room for anybody to be different in a way that is not recognised to be ok.

But let's not be stupid here. After all, why would faith make sense to those that have none? Why would God mean anything to people who have never met him, and why should the government act to protect the interests of nutjobs and Bible bashers? To a huge number of people, Christians are a strange group that should have no right to enforce what they believe upon others.

So, this small group should be forced to accept the belief that their belief is something that should remain only in their head, and not in their actions.

To see the government in the way that it currently is, blindly leading a broken nation in areas that it can never comprehend, is sad for Christians. Our faith makes sense to no-one, and we can never really explain it ourselves, so we choose to simply sit and moan about inequality, about the lack of respect or dignity.

Sometimes, I am a little sick of sitting back and moaning, of saying the right things. Let's actually do something, lets rise up as the people of love that we are meant to be, and break down these silly ideas of politicians, theologians and the world when it says that Christianity is irrelevant and harmful. We should just look at them and smile, because their is no point debating a world that thinks we are insane.

Instead, we should just love them, whether or not they want us to. 

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