Wednesday, 29 May 2013

"Just not very Boris"

Boris Johnson is the man that the whole country sees as a leader. He might only be in charge of a relatively small part at the moment, but he sure is milking it for everything that he can get, and is commonly viewed as being the only competent Tory there is. 

He is a buffoon, but a very British buffoon, and people love him because of it.

As for his tactic for taking power, that is something that has been discussed by the disgraced Andy Coulson, and is potentially rather surprising. It isn't exactly the arrival of the miraculous saviour defeating the incompetent Cameron to take on the 2015 election and win approach, although that is what a lot of people have been hoping for.

Instead, Coulson says that Boris is not the man who goes around stabbing people in the back. This sort of statement is something that is rarely made about a politician, and is likely to be as shocking as finding out that the Pope wasn't Catholic after all. If he is not wiling to stab Cameron in the back, that means he isn't going to be able to ride in and save the day anytime soon.

However, that is not to say he will be honourably sticking by Cameron's side the whole way. Coulson has pointed out that it is simply not the Boris way to stab people in the back, but he will happily wait in the sidelines to see Cameron fail. This means waiting until after the election, but also possibly capitalizing on what might just be the greatest Tory defeat since Blair's golden days.

Boris wants to be the man waiting in the wings, ready to bring his own bike riding new Tory politics to No 10, willingly throwing out the malfunctioning Cameron experiment. This will, of course, rely on Cameron not managing to turn the country around in astonishing fashion in under 2 years, something which any passionate optimist is still yet to rule out.

Even if Cameron does turn things around, you have to think that he would still not be as good a choice as Boris. Boris is not a wonder kid by any mile, and probably has a limited a amount of time left on the clock in the new age of young politics, but the fact he listens to backbenchers, and actually carries out his most stupid of ideas with astonishing competence, shows that the Tory leadership will always really be his for the taking.

If Cameron fails, Boris will pounce, and probably make a good job of it. He might even turn back the clock and bring in the tradition of the Tories being the competent ones.

Mind you, we could all be wrong, and Boris could have absolutely no intention of ever becoming Prime Minister. In which case, I hear he has a brother.

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