Monday, 1 April 2013

The End

In a new briefing that is expected imminently, David Cameron is set to announce a large reshuffle to his government, one that may just include one of the greatest changes that to his government that has happened so far.

He may be about to step down.

Sighting continued pressure from Tory back-benchers, Cameron, is it is rumored,  may be about to step down in favour of the up and coming MP, Adam Afriyie. This could be a turning point in the life of this parliament, and could herald the way for a series of policy changes that could not only result in significant improvements to quality of life, but also would mean the Conservatives may just be able to win the next general election.

The new government, if it does actually come into being, will be one drastically different from the one that we are used to. For example, traditionally Tory policies such as crime prevention and sound fiscal policy might once again take central stage in a country that is currently rocked by economic stagnation and political indecision. We might also see policies such as gay marriage dropped, something that will almost definitely not be appreciated by the Lib Dems.

In fact, if Afriyie does take the helms of government, we could very well see a split in the coalition, something that will be met with a mixture of relief and apprehension. The two parties will finally be able to go their separate ways, meaning that they will at least be able to stand up for what they believe in, but they will also be playing into the hands of Labour.

To complicate matters for Nick Clegg, who will have to lead his party completely independently of Tory control, Cameron has also been rumored to express doubts that he will continue in the Conservative party at all. If sources are to be believed, he could be on the brink of contacting his local Liberal Democrat party HQ, reportedly with the desire to defect to a party that he believes much better represents his views.

If this is the case, we can expect a jubilant display from Ed Miliband, a potential Lib Dem rivalry between Cameron and Clegg, as well as an MP with little experience becoming the Prime Minister of Britain. The next few days are likely to be a decisive, and interesting, time.

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