Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Motivation of a Leader

There is one principle that really gets to the heart of what democracy is for, although it is not technically what democracy means. This is the idea that the people in authority, whether they be Presidents, Chancellors or Prime Ministers, have the responsibility to serve those below them.

In fact, although you can still draw a hierarchy of how things work in government and who is responsible for what, the key word behind a democracy that works is "responsibility". They don't have power as much as they have responsibilities. In theory, a democracy has the ability to ensure that the government toes the line, and does not get too big a head for itself. Although this does not always work out perfectly, as we hardly have the most inspiring leaders at the moment, it is better than a lot of other systems.

The problem is that the people getting into power nowadays, and this at all levels not just the top, are doing it for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with wanting to fulfill responsibilities or serve society  They are getting into power because they want to advance their career, because they would like a nice big pay rise or because they are simply really annoyed at the person who was in charge the last time round.

Few people take the time to actually consider whether or not they are meant for leadership, of whether they are actually better suited to serving from the backbenches, or perhaps working in a fast food chain.Therefore we have a bunch of people who triumphantly rise to the top of their respective parties, before taking power in some huge political campaign, and then promptly realizing that they are not really leadership material.

There are few political leaders who are there in order to solve problems, or because they want to make a real difference to their country and know that they can take on the real burden of the responsibilities of government. Being in charge is not an easy thing, and we should respect those who give it a try, but we should also question the motivation behind those who clearly are not cut out for the job.

We all have a place in society, but some people are just not meant to be in charge. Only those who truly understand how a government works, how it goes about serving the people, while having the capability to make sure that it can continue to do this, are the people who are right for the job. Without the right motivation, a Prime Minister is going to be as hopeless as the next guy.

I for one know that I do not fit into the category of a leader, but you might. In which case, I say go for it.

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