Saturday, 22 June 2013

Boris Johnson would like to be Prime Minister

Boris Johnson has said that he would like "a crack" at being Prime Minister. This awakens that aching hope that every  Tory secretly has, that he stumble into some pre-election debate as an equal to Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, as the Tory leader, only to act like only Boris can. He is the man with the sense of humour, and the only politician who seeks to disguise competence with incompetence, meaning a lot of people would like to see him in the top spot.

David Cameron is the steady sensible choice, someone who had the ability to guide the Tories to an election win, and then hasn't done anything really spectacular since. Boris. however, has managed to become a brand in himself, often being more popular than the Tory party in the polls, purely because he has somehow managed to make things work. London is a better place with him in charge, he is the sort of eccentric aristocrat that can be loved by the nation without any need to change into something that he is not, as many other Tories try to do.

So, the fact that he has said that at some point, if the opportunity arises, which it probably won't, he would like to have a crack at the role of Prime Minister, is something that has made everybody's ears prick up. Acknowledging that it is a hard job, and expressing no wish to either usurp Cameron or give up his role as Mayor of London, he still made every Tory's mind start to wonder, "what if?"

If Boris were in charge things would likely be a lot different to how they are at the moment, although some people have expressed reservations in allowing someone like him to have control over nuclear weapons, but they would not necessarily be any better. He is the figure that everyone would like to see in government, but no one actually has the courage to give him a go, despite his track record in London.

He would be an interesting Prime Minister, certainly, but he would not be the solution to all our problems. Life would certainly be more fun, and Prime Minister's Questions would become the most watched programme on television, but nobody knows if he would actually be any good.

For now, he is the fantasy of all Conservatives that are bored or frustrated at Cameron, but he is only a fantasy. There is little chance he will lead the party into the next general election, even though he is the one politician that somebody from every age group, social group and party has something good to say about.

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