Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What does Cameron's government stand for?

The Tory's biggest donor, Lord Ashcroft, has said that he will stop giving money to the party since it seemed to have no real reason for being in power, and was focusing on fringe issues when there was bigger things that needed to be dealt with. He questioned, "What does Cameron's government stand for?".

This is, after all, an interesting question. Having come to power with promises of undoing Labour's mistakes and cutting the deficit, the coalition seemed promising. However, since then their policies have been random, like the pasty tax, poorly thought out, like gay marriage, or unnecessary and potentially harmful, like the bedroom tax. It has been the story of one poor decision followed by another, with the only noticeable policy that is being followed being that of harsh spending cuts.

Some would say it is incompetence, others that it is lacking coherent leadership, but the coalition certainly has serious problems. It has nothing to stand for, few ideas to stimulate the economy and an inability to cut the deficit, thanks to poor economic management. When things are thought of, like a business bank, they are being sidelined in favour of policies designed not to help the economy, but to gain votes. Lord Ashcroft
mentioned gay marriage as a prime example of this.

The answer to the question, "What does Cameron's government stand for?" is becoming increasingly harder to find, since surely their aim has not been to do as bad a job as they have been doing. They had a chance, when Labour was asking itself what it stood for, to be able to show the world that the Conservatives and the Lib Dems could work together in a practical and competent government, one that stood for coherent economic policy reinforced by sensible social ideas. Instead, they became afraid to do anything but harsh austerity and vote grabbing..

Like Lord Ashcroft, many Conservatives are finding it difficult to identify themselves with the party that they used to be so loyal to. The same is happening with the Lib Dems, possible even more so. These two parties will suffer in the next election, and maybe even the one after that, because they failed to stand for something they believed in when they had the chance.

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