Sunday, 24 February 2013

Being Counted

A vast number of people live in devastating poverty, while others lives of unsatisfying consumerism. There are wars for the smallest of reasons, and people are hardly happy in their everyday lives. While this is happening, we are faced with the overwhelming tide of opposition to anything that can fight these problems, as our faith and desire to help is met with hostility.

This is a pretty negative view of the world, but it is still true. We can look for the good parts of the world, and we will find examples of love and kindness, joy and hope, but they are not as widespread as they need to be. Happiness is viewed as something that must be pursued, and maybe even momentarily achieved, but not something that can ever last in the long term.

What can we do to make a difference? Is there anything that we could achieve by standing against the majority, and defying the rejection of faith that we see the world?

The only thing that we have the ability to do is to make a stand, to declare what we believe and that we are not going to be ashamed of those beliefs. We have to fight injustice when we see it, giving to people according to their needs while being true to our faith even when the rest of the world does not want us to be.

Christians recently took a stand over the issue of gay marriage, showing a remarkable amount of unity when in the past we have allowed divisions and disagreements to break us apart. If we can unite over this, then we must unite over other issues as well, and be stirred up to make a difference to the communities that we are part of, whether they be local, national or international.

Seeing the problems that the world faces, we cannot do nothing. It is our duty to help to fight these problems, some things that can be solved by having the solid foundation of faith, and others by simply extending an arm out to those in need.

It is time to stand up and be counted.

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